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Whatever you think is happening in your life now, isn’t. 

A typical answer to “How are you?” is: 

“I’m fine thanks” (= I can’t be bothered to give you a real answer. My feelings aren’t worth it).

“I can’t complain” (= I like the idea of my life, but I don’t feel truly happy and alive very often). 

You think that you can only relax if the idea of your life convinces you.

But happiness does not come from an idea. 

Happiness is a natural result of letting go of all your resistance to what is REALLY happening RIGHT NOW. Of not trying to think yourself somewhere else.

Moments of uncontaminated happiness are galaxies more valuable than the moments you’re thinking: “Hey, I can relax because I have a stable income, a great partner and a good social circle” (etc). 

You see the paradox? We fight to get those things because we think they produce happiness, but real happiness is out there on the dance floor, in the moment to moment experience of life – not in an idea. 

Life is an end in itself not a struggle to get to an end… what end… death?? The linear idea of life is another invention that can only cause mostly misery. 

You see, if you look back, hasn’t your life taken countless twists and turns already, and taken you to (and away from) places and people that you could never have imagined? 

Mine certainly has. 

That’s how I know: Whatever my ego thinks is happening now ISN’T. Only life knows what’s really going on. 

No matter how much you plan and stress and worry, life will do its thing anyway.

If you ignore that fact and keep living more in a conceptual world than in life itself, you will suffer greatly in one way or another. 

Life is not a concept. We do not ultimately control the beating of our hearts… nor the not beating of our hearts…

Live and love fully now.