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The other day, I described a nightmare I hadn’t had for years to a friend…

Two nights later, I had the same nightmare.

Whatever you give your attention and energy to, makes your experience of life.

The dark realities you nurture by lingering in them, might rear their ugly heads at times when you feel most vulnerable or you are in an altered state, such as sleeping.

This weighs you down in life and work, so that your precious energy can’t be used towards all the things you feel inspired to do.

Thankfully, consciousness has a constant fresh supply of thought-feeling for you.

When you get stuck investing in OLD thought-feeling habits, you don’t appreciate the benefits of this supply.

What makes us get stuck investing in these old habits?

  • Believing that they are what life IS.

Not realising, that they are one possible reality among infinite realities. That your nature is the infinite supply in the now, rather than the stale old same old.

  • Not allowing your body to FEEL and move through the experience.

To feel the darkness without getting involved in the story, to feel the expansiveness beyond the darkness…

Luckily, you need no training in order to do this because it is inbuilt into the system. This is what you have done any time you have got over anything: An illness, a separation, a loss, a massive unexpected life change…

Nonetheless, slowing down in order to deeply understand this experientially is crucial.

You already have everything within you to live life and work as YOU know best.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.