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People tend to want two things:
1. Someone else to take away their pain and fears.
2. They want the above done quickly and permanently.
This is how the psychology, self-help and coaching industry has become so successful.
People run to these industries when their favourite resource to cover their pain fails them – that relationship, pursuit of success/money/family, excessive alcohol intake etc.
Nobody can resist the idea that their biggest insecurity or most uncomfortable physical symptoms can be removed by someone else – or through someone else’s advice.
The problem with this is that you are rarely given a “forever” solution. Old habits die hard and you may find yourself slipping back into depression or having another panic attack, or thinking those desperate thoughts you believed you’d exterminated…
If you understand our real nature as human beings, these old thought patterns/feelings appearing occasionally is not a problem.
The mind is not merely psychological but also spiritual in nature, and the “fixes”, the healing are found in the spiritual, which is the part that you cannot grasp intellectually.
This part of you (which isn’t really a part, divisions are human-created!) doesn’t understand habits and mental health problems, it only understands life and what is natural. It is consciousness taking form in real time.
It fixes because it doesn’t need fixing…
Thus, if you get more familiar with the nature of consciousness… or your mind… or your real human nature (before everything you think about it), your thirst for quick fixes will die a very rapid death.
Feeling better and accessing entire new realities can be, and often is, instantaneous.
But never when you are urgently searching for a quick fix.