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How many times a day do you think about how you can “improve” yourself or your life? 

We have become obsessed with finding stability in self-control to the point that we never really enjoy these changes. 

They don’t live up to the ideal sold to us in many personal development books and courses. 


Stability cannot be found in self-control. 

Firstly, because the self that you are controlling is an imagined character.

Imagination is part of the joy of life.

Until you…  

…start to obsessively believe your character and try to manipulate reality to bend to its story. 

…spend more time thinking about your character than being in life as it is right now. 

Secondly, because stability is your intrinsic nature in this ever-changing world. 

Before all of your stories about yourself.

It can only possibly be experienced now. 

Not in a future healed version of yourself, or in a reinterpretation of the past. 

It is a flash, a knowing, beyond words. 

That often freaks people out or doesn’t feel practical. So they anxiously pick up the next personal development book or course… 

That knowing is the MOST practical space to live and work from. 

What could be more practical than what is aligned with reality? 

On the way back from my last trip to the UK, I found myself thinking about all the healthy habits I would get back into on my arrival.

That’s great, but they will not give me a drop more of the inner wellbeing that I, and all of nature, already have. 

Knowing that, helps me to choose better. 

I DON’T need to…

– Know (Things are never EXACTLY as we think they will be). 

– Fit in (There is nowhere real to fit into). 

– Live up to ideals, rules and time frames I’ve invented. (What a waste of precious energy).

I DO want to: 


Off the hamster wheel and into the wild world.

Ready to encounter experiences that I can’t even imagine are possible right now.

How does YOUR  experience of life differ when you are fully here?