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You are at a work meeting. 
You want to say something but you think “next time, my English isn’t good enough yet”. 
Your blood is pumping through your veins, you start to sweat. You make a silent decision to yourself: 
“I will study hard! I will sign up for more classes. I will do WHATEVER I have to do NOT to feel like this again”. 
In your world this is normal: 
Pressure and stress are why you are successful, aren’t they? 
You are successful IN SPITE of the pressure and stress you have put on yourself. 
Pressure and stress, as strategies, generally lower performance and lead to mental health illnesses, burnout and sickness.
I’m not saying that «it’s bad» to experience symptoms of what we call «stress» at times, just that if you put all your focus on «I need stress and adrenaline», you are coming from a very harmful starting point. 
I do understand though. I have also been a “high achiever”…
You put pressure on yourself because you fear that if you do not you will not do, you will not achieve…
That comes from a LACK OF UNDERSTANDING of how us human beings work. 
We are natural creators. 
We do not need EXCESS THINKING about ourselves and our lives in order to do amazing things. 
Think about all the activities you love doing. Do you need to put pressure on yourself to do them? 
Thus, as I have said once before, if you REALLY want to become an EXCELLENT communicator in English – or to achieve anything you want in life – you need to fall in love with it. 
While you are operating from pressure and stress there is NO WAY that you will fall in love with it. 
What can you do then? 
The very first thing is precisely this: RECOGNISE that your current relationship with English is not working and INTERRUPT your repetitive thinking comparing yourself to other people and to how you think you “should” be. 
Sit back. Breathe. Untense your body. Connect to something you LOVE in English and start to explore… 
What is your current experience with English?
What do you love in English? 
If you would like help to fall in love with English and to become an excellent communicator in this language, let’s speak. 
Send me a WhatsApp to: +34 654 110 310 and we will schedule a telephone call.