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0.0 Black Friday Offers

(From Tuesday 23rd – Sunday 28th November): 


Transformative English Immersion in Madrid, January 2022

Improve your Singing AND English Online Workshop

English Practice Network Membership (Online)

1:1 Coaching Session Online


Coaching Life

Do you REALLY want to be an EXCELLENT communicator in English and live a MOTIVATING life?

If you are tired of ‘learning English’ and feeling stressed and pressured, why don’t you try a more creative and effective way of learning and living? Here are some 0.0 special offers until the END of Black Friday to give you the the 1st PUSH to get your ROCKET into orbit! 

Which is the best option for you?

Transformative English Immersion in Madrid in January 2022

Leave your insecurities and excuses behind and start speaking English fluently and living the life you want to lead in this transformative immersion.

Normal Investment: 300€.

OFFER until the END of Black Friday:


Learn to Sing & Improve your English Online Workshop

One of the most EFFORTLESS ways to improve English is through music. If you love music and you want to improve your singing in English AND your English, this 2-HOUR ONLINE workshop is for you.

Normal investment: 40€

OFFER until the END of Black Friday:


English Practice Network (EPN) Membership

The Online English Practice Network is NOT an academy, it is practical training. The EPN is an exclusive group of international professionals who learn to speak fluently and achieve their English communication goals in a safe and fun environment. 

Normal investment: 57€/month

OFFER until the END of Black Friday:


*NO permanence, you can leave when you want. 

1:1 Coaching Session Online

Through my transformative coaching, you will create what YOU want to create in your life (in your presentations, career, job interviews, relationships, business, projects…) and you will live authentically with minimum stress and maximum flow.

Emma is a remarkable coach. Her ability to connect, listen, understand and help you have a shift in perception is world class.

Having been coached by her, and then attended two of her retreats, I can highly recommend her services.

She really helped me through a challenging period in my life, and taught me how let go of ‘thinking’ that was creating so many of my problems. I was then able to come through this time and my business and relationships have never been better.

I’ve since recommended friends and family to her who want to get more from their lives. There are many coaches out there, but there is only one Emma.

Marcus Hemsley

Co-founder, Fountain Partnership

I felt lost. I was going through a confusing time, disorientated by certain circumstances. I met Emma by coincidence and I decided to do a coaching programme with her.

Through her coaching, my perception of reality changed. I realised that so many things that I considered to be important weren’t, and I learnt to live my life more authentically and spontaneously. I realised that what’s important is to listen to your heart rather than to your head. I started a new vital path of mental and spiritual clarity that makes everything feel brighter and coherent decisions far easier to make.

Rafa Castillo

Painter & Accountant

I went from being ashamed to speak English at work to speaking to a boss three levels above me in English and enjoying a team-building day in English. I am not getting dragged away by my thoughts anymore, and now I am able to understand and express myself much better. It is as if someone has opened up my ear! I’ve even started enjoying music again properly!


Rosa Rubio

Engineer, Airbus

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