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Improve your SINGING AND your ENGLISH

Kill 2 birds with 1 stone & have FUN learning from a professional singing teacher and a transformative coach specialised in English communication in this 2-hour workshop on Wednesday 15th December 18:00 – 20:00


Do you love singing? Do you want to improve your English?

One of the most EFFORTLESS ways to improve English is through music. If you love music and you want to improve your singing in English AND your English, this 2-HOUR ONLINE workshop is for you.

In this workshop (for a MAXIMUM of 8 participants) you will: 

  • Learn the pillars and basic techniques for singing effectively
  • Talk in English about a song you would love to sing and how to interpret it. 
  • Learn some breathing exercises you can do daily to improve your singing technique. 
  • Receive professional feedback from a recording of your song after the workshop (optional). 

At the end of the workshop you will: 

Feel more confident about singing and speaking English. 

Be more motivated to improve your singing and English and have some tools to do so. 

Know the basic techniques for singing effectively. 

Who are we? 

Yantho is a professional musician and singing teacher from Belgium. He’s been singing, playing, creating, recording or mixing music for most of his life. He speaks Dutch, English, French, Spanish and German. He learned English through music, TV, movies and games. He strongly believes that music is the only universal language on earth with the power to unite and connect everyone. 

Emma is a transformative coach and singer from Great Britain. She specialises in helping people to communicate in English effortlessly, and to live lives that truly motivate them. Communication is an art and art is communication. Emma helps people to bring out their inner artist to express themselves fluently, confidently and authentically.

When is it again?

Wednesday 15th December 18:00 – 20:00 on Zoom. 

No need to prepare anything, just think of a song in English that you would LOVE to sing.

This sounds great, but how much is it?



Discount for the LAST PLACES:


Remember, this includes: 

Learning about the pillars & basic techniques to sing effectively.

The opportunity to talk in English about the interpretation of a song you love.

Breathing exercises that you can do at home daily.

The chance to get professional feedback from a video/audio recording of your song after the workshop (optional).

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