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Let’s be honest. You are bored to death of all your old excuses. 

THIS is the reason why you feel stuck speaking and learning English…

1…You arrive at the conversations with an overloaded mind. Your body is stressed and tense, and the English conversation seems like an attack from an enemy. (You know that this doesn’t only happen to you in English…)

Your mind spins even more as you prepare to “defend yourself”. When you can’t respond as quickly as your saturated mind would like, you get frustrated and…

2…You start thinking “This means that my English is terrible. I’m not improving, I’m getting worse! I’m bad at languages, I should study more. I can’t even understand. The other person thinks I’m stupid” etc etc. 

Your mind cannot think all of those things AND speak decent English – and listen properly. It simply can’t. I’m sorry. 

You might not like that explanation but the truth hurts sometimes. So, your mind “goes blank”, and you desperately try to find that word, getting more and more frustrated and/or embarrassed… 

3…You don’t want to FEEL like this, so you give up and blame your lack of vocabulary, poor grammar, low discipline to study, bad English methods and teachers, your education, dubbed films, your parents, your traumatic childhood etc. And…

4… Your motivation is destroyed. You start speaking English less and less, and with little practice the next time you speak, you throw your toys out the pram even more. 


But «stuck» is only a problem if you create lots of meaning around it. 

You can “get stuck” and use that as an opportunity to slow down and learn something… 

OR you can create an absolutely useless drama. 

What if you weren’t afraid to feel anything in your English conversations… and in your life?

How would your communication, learning (and work, life) improve then?