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You want to (and need to)…

…speak English at work now. SPEAK English, not send an email ;).

…say something when you want to say it. Not stay silent for fear of making a mistake.

…be able to have a conversation without having a mini heart-attack when you can’t understand what the other person is saying.

…feel like an equal to your colleagues when you’re speaking English. Not inferior.

…experience a sense of understanding and connection with people from other countries rather than hoping that the meeting will end quickly without them discovering that you are a “fraud”.

…Do your job and take advantage of new opportunities instead of saying “sorry, my English isn’t good enough”.

You can have English classes for years and still not feel like that. In fact, you probably already have. You have spent large quantities of time, money and energy to still say, “Sorry for my English”.

Now, it’s not that classes aren’t helpful. They were useful to you to learn the language.

There’s really not so much to learn grammatically in English to get by. It’s not worth years and years of study.

You make mistakes because you’re not native. You will make some mistakes your whole life, and you will always, always be able to learn from them, and to learn more vocabulary. 

Plus, you don’t practice enough in real situations, so you make more mistakes when you are forced to be in those situations, and you don’t speak fluently.

Moreover, I won’t tire of saying that the language is only 7% of communication (the words). 93% is your body language and intonation. 100% comes from your mental state in the moment.

Effective communication is when we connect with the other person or people. When you are in a noisy, insecure, fearful mental state trying to “defend yourself”, you are actually doing the opposite to that. You also don’t speak fluently, and you actually make more mistakes. Not to mention the stress that you put your body under. 


a) Understanding how the mind and effective communication really work


b) Speaking English in real situations outside of a “comfortable class”

you can access your optimal mental state to speak fluently and more accurately, to learn much faster from your mistakes, and to connect with people when you speak English.

This is what we do at the 0,0 English Practice Network in an international group of people online who speak English as a second language. 

As a transformative coach, I facilitate the online sessions so that the members can access their natural confidence, the basis for becoming an excellent communicator in English.

If you would like to try the EPN, you can reserve a 10-minute call with me HERE to check that it is right for you.

The EPN is ONLY for you if you:

…have been learning English “all your life” but still feel uncomfortable, insecure and stuck speaking English in real situations – at work and in front of groups of people.

…need to or want to speak English at work. No more excuses.

…are tired of academies and traditional methods.

…are fed up of fighting against your nerves.

…value networking and communicating in international environments.

…are adventurous and thirsty for new and practical experiences.

If that’s you, reserve a call here: 10-minute English call