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Inglés 0,0 Speak English Fluently Without Learning More English launches its 0,0 English Practice Network this week on the UniversidadQuantum Platform.

UniversidadQuantum Platform was created to meet people’s true educational needs all over the world. It is now offering the 0,0 English Practice Network membership to help people stop studying and start communicating in English fluently in real situations at work.

Only those who can communicate fluently in English at meetings, interviews and presentations can compete on the global market.

Who is the 0,0 English Practice Network for?

Professionals who…

…have been learning English “all their life” but still feel uncomfortable, insecure and stuck speaking English in real situations – at work and in front of groups of people.

…need to or want to speak English at work. No more excuses.

…are tired of academies and traditional methods.

…are tired of depending on techniques to control their nerves.

…value networking and communicating in international environments.

…are adventurous and thirsty for new and practical experiences.

How is the 0,0 English Practice Network different to an academy?


…focus on just 7% of communication – the words. Reviewing grammar and learning vocabulary. What you have been doing your whole life.

The 0,0 English Practice Network focuses on 100% of communication – fluent, authentic and effective communication. You become an excellent communicator, not just an English speaker, as this is what companies and clients demand.

…demand that you study, pass exams, talk about boring topics in class, hide in a textbook from the last century.

The 0,0 English Practice Network demands that you get out into real situations now. And that you destroy those mental barriers that are stopping you from getting out there (or that make you feel terrible when you do).

…often have students that are all the same nationality.

The 0,0 English Practice Network is a community of international professionals. Very interesting for improving your English communication in a real business environment – an international one – and also for networking.

What does it involve?

Through the weekly group videoconferences, the audiovisual material and the community (all in English), you will eliminate what is stopping you from communicating fluently in English (and from learning naturally and effectively).

By deepening your understanding of how the mind and communication work + practicing in real group situations, without theorising, you will begin to speak fluently, connect better in conversation and learn more quickly.

The 0,0 English Practice Network includes:

  • 2-3 Coaching Videoconferences in English Per Month (on Zoom) to destroy the misunderstandings of the mind that stop you from expressing yourself fluently and authentically. A safe and enriching place for you to achieve what you really want to achieve in English. We communicate all together and then in small groups, using the Breakout Rooms in Zoom.
  • 2 Conversation Videoconferences in English Per Month (on Zoom) so that you can’t say “I don’t have the vocabulary to talk about X”. You choose the topics, I lead the sessions.
  • 1 Private Access to the UniversidadQuantum Platform With Relevant Video Resources that support the work we do in the sessions, and can be watched at you own pace.
  • 1 Private Access to a Telegram Group to be able to communicate in English with other people in the 0,0 English Practice Network whenever you want.
  • The Recordings of the Videoconferences. All of the coaching and conversation conferences are recorded. If you can’t attend a conference, you have access to the recording after.
  • Feedback From Your Contributions in the Videoconferences. When you speak in front of the group you can ask me for feedback after the session from the recording. (After you have given yourself feedback, which I will ask you for first, as this is one of the most effective ways to learn).
  • A System of Video-challenges to Measure your Progress.

How can I sign up?

The investment for the 0,0 English Practice Network is 49€/month.

We are currently offering a one-week trial for those people who fit the profile.

Our group session this week is on Thursday 10th at 15:00 CEST.

If you would like to reserve your place on the trial and in the session, send me a WhatsApp on: +34 654 110 310, so that we can talk to ensure that the 0,0 English Practice Network is right for you.

Choose to speak English fluently without needing to stay on the hamster wheel of “I must learn more before I do…X. I must study harder…”.

You must, you must… stop making excuses and start communicating. And enjoying it. Now. 🙂