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Imagine learning to cook by studying recipes and only ever cooking with the person who’s teaching you to cook – or for very few people.

You’d never get excellent at cooking, right? You wouldn’t acquire skill or display creativity, flexibility, variety…

This is what traditional language-teaching is doing for communication in English in the workplace.

Teaching people to study the same recipes and cook the same dishes for the same people, without acquiring the skills of an outstanding chef that are needed in order to create solid relationships with clients and colleagues.

Traditional English-teaching approaches are outdated for the communication needs of successful companies. They focus purely on the language, when, as the study of Albert Mehrabian shows, words are only 7% important in communication.

Think about it: Many people who have been studying English for years still feel acutely insecure at meetings with clients and colleagues; on telephone calls; at job interviews; at networking or social events. 

They’re stuck, fantasising about getting a B2 or a C1 certification, but not putting into practice and genuinely improving the communication skills they need to do their job well. The language becomes the excuse and an imagined source of stress.

To the contrary, some of the best second-language communicators make grammar mistakes. Grammar is only a tiny part of what it takes to be an excellent communicator.

Successful companies need leaders who connect with their clients and colleagues, communicating fluently and transparently with them. 

When you are insecure and stressed you do not express yourself fluently. You do not listen effectively. You do not connect. You do not learn efficiently. You tend to avoid the real situations that you need in order to become skilful.

Thus, the two most important elements in communication and learning are: 

A) Your state of mind.


B) Practice in REAL situations with people with different accents, mentalities; from different cultures. 

(THIS is the fascinating reality of global business. NOT just learning to understand British English or to communicate with other people from your country). 

The rest follows naturally, unlike in traditional English-language teaching.

The 0,0 English Practice Network is an innovative method, designed for ambitious professionals to become excellent communicators in English (without the pressure and stress that they are used to from traditional methods, that actually stops them from unleashing their potential as communicators). 

The EPN supports members to understand and access their optimal state of mind, and practice in real situations with ambitious professionals from all over the world.

It does this through weekly videoconference sessions with an international group of professionals, where the members learn to communicate clearly, authentically and eloquently, and to learn efficiently, by understanding how their minds work, and speaking about everything that they want to.

The members can revisit the content as often as they like – or access it if they have missed a session – as the videoconferences are recorded.

There is also supporting audiovisual material, challenges, feedback systems, progress measurement and a chat to network in.

Understanding how their mind works from the inside-out allows the members to access their optimal mental state.

Here is an example: 

Imagine you have an important meeting and you are thinking: «My English is no good, I’m not confident, her accent is difficult etc»…  How are you possibly going to be able to listen properly and express yourself? 

We look at why that happens, and just by understanding that, the members start to have a clearer mental state without needing to depend on meditation, mindfulness, yoga, or any particular techniques.

BEFORE joining the EPN you may feel…

…Insecure and clumsy speaking English.

…Stuck in your learning process. 

…Fed up of academies and traditional methods. 

…Embarrassed to speak at meetings or on the phone.

…Afraid of not understanding the other person/people. 

…That you rely on techniques to control your nerves. 

…With limited possibilities because of the language. 

AFTER joining the EPN you will feel…

…Increasingly confident and accurate speaking English. 

…Clear on how to improve and learn effectively. 

…Motivated by the international group and effortless format. 

…Braver to speak up in English at meetings or on the phone. 

…Comfortable even when you don’t understand everything. 

…That doors have opened for you; your possibilities to do what you really want have multiplied. 

…That you don’t depend on specific techniques to control your nerves because you understand how your mind works. 

The 0,0 EPN was created by Emma Claire Davis after spending over 10 years helping hundreds of directors, leaders and professionals to communicate effectively in English as a second language in companies such as Santander, Microsoft, Airbus, Daimler and Vodafone. 

Thanks to her experience and training as a public speaking and communication skills trainer (She started her career at Vaughan Systems) and as a transformative coach, she realised that the most important factors to improve communication and learning exponentially are accessing your optimal mental state and practicing in real situations. Confidence and skill improvement come naturally and quickly from there.

The EPN is an empowering space where members «learn to cook» (metaphorically) and create all types of dishes for all types of audiences, enjoying the process.

This ability makes outstanding professionals – leaders – who undertake global business productively and innovatively – essential for the success of any growing company.

0,0 English Practice Network. Zero Excuses, Zero Stress.

If you would like to come and try the 0,0 English Practice Network, request a 10-minute call with Emma by sending a WhatsApp message to: +34 654 110 310. 

ONLY request a call if you genuinely want to become an excellent communicator in English, and you are prepared to say goodbye to the excuses and the stress. If not, stay at your academy/private classes.