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Some goals are a poor substitute for genuine desire + the courage to ride the learning curve. 

There is so much pressure, guilt and stress around speaking English at work, that you normally speak English in your worst mental state. 

Imagine if a golf player thought about the level of his/her golf playing while swinging the golf club in a competition. It probably wouldn’t be his/her best shot.

So you set yourself more goals and put more pressure on yourself….

However, using a goal to put pressure on yourself, squeezes out your genuine desire and courage. 

See the paradox? 

The question is: What do you really want… before all the pressure? 

What would you do if you didn’t feel limited by your English communication?

Or if you didn’t HAVE TO do anything in particular?

What would you genuinely choose to do before the «shoulds»?

Starting from there will put you in a far more favourable mental state for effective communication, learning… and living 🙂

Goals are very simple when you truly want to move in that direction and you start to do so, one step at a time….

…When you are open to the goal changing as you advance because you know you do not need it. You choose it.

If that resonates with you, and you would like to access your optimal mental state in order to «unblock yourself» and communicate in English fluently at work, hear more about that in these free videos in Spanish.