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Effective Team Communication

in English 


From 1 – 10 How well does your team communicate in English?

How well do your team members empathise and connect with your colleagues and clients when they are speaking English? 

How much do your team members speak up at meetings in English?

How often do team members say openly when they don’t understand something in English?

How much are team members proactively speaking English outside of work? 

How often do team members complain that they have been learning English “their whole lives” and still don’t feel competent to work effectively in English?

 Effective communication is fundamental for leadership and excellent results.  Poor communication leads to misunderstandings and mistrust. Moreover, it limits motivation, productivity and creativity.  

 In Spain most people have spent “their whole lives” learning English. 

 They know enough. 

 Traditional English communication methods fail because people are not engaged.

 Their minds are too busy to be engaged. They are busy putting pressure on themselves. Constantly.

 This then makes them avoid speaking English in real situations. For example: at meetings, telephone calls, presentations, which leads to incompetence in the role, misunderstandings and a lack of connection between colleagues and with clients. 

 The 0,0 Method helps professionals to:

 A) Become excellent communicators with the English they already have.

 B) Improve their English much more quickly.  

 With 0 excuses + 0 stress.

 It does this in 2 main ways:

  1. Helping professionals to access their optimal mental state.
  2. Focusing on speaking in real situations. 

     As a result of the 0.0 method professionals: 

     -Learn how to communicate effectively in English.

     -Know how to listen and empathise, and express themselves confidently and authentically, one-to-one and in a group. 

    -Know how to communicate assertively and give and receive feedback. 

     -Know how to prepare, structure and give a persuasive speech. 

     -Experience lower levels of stress and experience greater wellbeing. 

     -Work better effectively in English in a team. 

     -Are more motivated, productive and creative. 

     Let’s talk to see how the 0,0 Method can transform the communication in English and the results in your company.

    What are you looking for? 


    Motivating talks (online and in person), for team members to lose their fear of speaking English in public, and to become fluent communicators in English. 


     Dynamic workshops (online and in person), designed for team members to lose the fear of speaking English in public, and to become fluent, communicators in English. 


    Courses (online and in person), that combine training, group and team coaching, and facilitation. Designed for team members to become excellent communicators and leaders in English


    One-to-one coaching (online and in person) to help leaders perform as well in English as they do in their native language. 

    Relax! Have more faith & fun learning English:

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