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English Practice Network 

  An Exclusive Online Group of International Professionals.

In EPN you learn to SPEAK ENGLISH FLUENTLY + COMMUNICATE effectively at work.

In a SAFE, non-judgemental environment. 

What is the English Practice Network (EPN) & who am I, Emma Claire Davis?

Watch these two short videos in Spanish:

EPN is NOT an Academy, it is Practical Training

DON’T WORRY about «Your Level». There is a place for everyone.

Academies focus 100% on the language + studying, which is NOT motivating.

In EPN we focus on EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATION and other soft skills in English in REAL, multicultural situations.

And we have fun doing it.

As a result, you become a better professional and leader in English. You will learn to communicate well in English in the situations that you need to – meetings, interviews, presentations, networking events.

You will also not be required to study. This is a practical and enjoyable approach that will feel effortless.

In global business most of the meetings involve non-native participants. It is vital to feel comfortable communicating with all different kinds of people.

With EPN you quickly feel relaxed and confident in situations you never imagined you could handle!

Expand your Global Network in the EPN

In our group we have software developers and other IT professionals, engineers, directors, managers, human resources professionals, architects, lawyers, teachers, sales and marketing professionals, entrepreneurs… in different countries in the world:

Benefits of the EPN:

  • Develop your social, communication, improvisation and leadership skills and other soft skills in English to open up professional doors and increase your salary. 

  • Learn to speak English fluently and listen effectively in real multicultural situations.

  • Get rid of your sense of ridicule and shyness in a safe, non-judgemental environment.

  • Learn to relax and be present in your conversations and all areas of your life.

  • Increase your confidence and contribute more in English at global meetings.

  • Go to job interviews and social/networking events without panicking :).

  • Be an exceptional professional who is able to speak in public comfortably in English.

  • Have fun and laugh on a weekly basis.

  • Network with the other members and learn from their specialist knowledge. 

  • Learn more about yourself and other cultures.

  • Learn to speak and listen naturally without translating. 

What’s included in the EPN Membership?

3 Sessions/Week

There are 3 session types that I rotate:

1. Spontaneous Conversation. To talk about anything in a safe and fun environment.

2. Coaching. To support you to speak confidently & fluently, and to communicate effectively in real situations.

3. Member Topic. To give you the opportunity to talk in front of the group about YOUR topic that you want to practice, to answer questions and receive feedback, and to participate in conversations about your topic with the group.

You DON’T have to come to all 3 sessions. The session types alternate days each week, and you can watch the recordings of the sessions on the platform.


Quantum Platform

On our online platform you have access to:

  • The session recordings.
  • The upcoming session types and topics.
  • Supporting audiovisual material and series recommendations.
  • The place to request your Member Topic.
  • The place to request a brief call with one of our team if you are feeling stuck or you would like support with something.
  • The place to view your current challenges and other members’ challenges.


Our priority is that you are speaking English in real situations. For that reason we set you challenges that motivate you, related to:

  • Your goals in English. 
  • Your interests, projects and hobbies.


You are corrected and given valuable feedback throughout the sessions. 

    Networking Chat

    We have a chat on Telegram where you can write – and speak in English (audios), network with the other international professionals in the group, and arrange informal conversations with them to practice and network outside of the 0.0 EPN sessions.

    Safe Payment & No Permanence

    Payment is by card or Paypal. You can be a member of the 0.0 English Practice Network for as little or as long as you want. You can cancel your payments freely at any time.  

    0.0 Excuses + Flow

    Athletes, sport players and artists perform their best work they are in a state of flow.

    I’m sure you have experienced this state doing things that you love and even at work.

    To speak English fluently and communicate effectively, you need to be in this state as much as possible.

    This means dropping all your old excuses with English: «I’m bad at it», «I lack discipline», «my listening is terrible».. You know what yours are! 😉

    In the EPN you will stop listening to your excuses and as a result, you will improve exponentially.

    Sounds great! But how much is it?  

    Membership is normally 57€/month.

    With the BLACK FRIDAY OFFER it’s just €49/month

    (less than 2€/day) with NO permanence 

    Here you can see some more of us in action: 

    Ready to join with the Black Friday offer?

    You can become a member of the EPN here: