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 If you want to speak English fluently at work, this is the place to be. Nothing like a traditional academy. You will learn to communicate effectively with the English you already have. Online. In an international environment.

If that sounds good to you, you can join us now for just  49€/month.

If you are ready to do what you want in English – and enjoy it – for example:

Speak and understand more at work meetings, look for work in English, start a project, expand your network to people from all over the world, go on a trip…

Whatever it is, you can achieve it through the 0,0 English Practice Network. 

Through the weekly group videoconferences, the audiovisual material and the community (all in English), you will eliminate what is stopping you from communicating fluently in English. 

By deepening your understanding of how the mind and communication work + practicing in real group situations, without theorising, you will begin to speak fluently, connect better in conversation and learn more quickly.  

Reverse the theoretical process and accelerate your results by practicing outside of the academy and classes with an international network of professionals like you. Become an excellent communicator, not just an English speaker, as this is what companies and clients demand. 

There is no other path.

Just watching has never made you an expert in anything and you know that.  

You need to… 

…practice in real situations.

…live and make mistakes.

…immerse yourself in experiences.

It is the fastest path to interiorise what you want to achieve.

Most people watch from the sidelines, and they give excuses to justify their failure or inactivity. 

Those people shouldn’t join the 0,0 English Practice Network.

To the contrary, if you are someone who immerses yourself in life; who fully goes for the things you want, who allows yourself to feel every second of life…

…Or if you want to start doing that from now, YES you should join.

Because that is exactly what you will find inside.

Experiences, practice, confidence, awareness, fluency, connection, impact…

And that is a direct path to achieve your goals with your communication in English. 

What will you find inside?

  • 2-3 Coaching Conferences in English Per Month Online (in Zoom) to destroy the misunderstandings of the mind that stop you from expressing yourself fluently and authentically. A safe and enriching place for you to achieve what you really want to achieve in English. We communicate all together and then in small groups, using the Breakout Rooms in Zoom.  
  • 2 Conversation Conferences in English Per Month Online so that you can’t say “I don’t have the vocabulary to talk about X”. You choose the topics, I lead the sessions.
  • 1 Private Access to a Platform With Relevant Video Resources that support the work we do in the sessions, and can be watched at you own pace. 
  • 1 Private Access to a Telegram Group to be able to communicate in English with other people in the 0,0 English Practice Network whenever you want. 
  • The Recordings of the Conferences. All of the coaching and conversation conferences are recorded. If you can’t attend a conference, you have access to the recording after.
  • Feedback from your contributions in the videoconferences. When you speak in front of the group you can ask me for feedback after the session from the recording. (After you have given yourself feedback, which I will ask you for first, as this is one of the most effective ways to learn). 

Secure card payment.

If that sounds good to you, you can join us now for just 49€/month.

Do you have some questions? I’ll answer them.

How many conferences are there per week?

One. We alternate between the coaching and conversation conferences. Both are recorded. If you can’t attend, you can watch the recording. 

What are the coaching conferences like?

At the beginning I share something that is going to help you to communicate better in English. After that, you do an exercise in pairs/small groups in the «Breakout Rooms» in Zoom. Then, you have the opportunity to share and receive coaching in English about something particular that you want to achieve or about something that you would like help with. 

What are the conversation conferences like?

The members choose the topics, and you have the opportunity to talk to me and the other members about topics that you consider to be difficult for you to talk about in English. 

How long is each conference? 

1 hour approximately.  

Where do the conferences take place?

In Zoom. 

And if I want to leave the membership?

You just leave. Without questions. 

This membership is to help you to communicate in English fluently and authentically. Effectively. Powerfully. So that you can impact others in English.  

It isn’t for children.

It is for adults.

So, if you don’t want to continue you once you are inside, don’t continue.

It’s that simple. Without permanence nor ties.

You know already: Joining only costs 49€ per month.

Crystal clear, I’m going to sign up now.

Secure card payment.

Inglés 0,0 Practice Network only costs 49€/month

If you feel that talking to me will help you make the best decision, click on the Messenger logo…

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